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Developing Your Musicianship Study Group
Developing Your Musicianship Study Group
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This study group forum is for students taking the Coursera Berklee College of Music Course and is an additional resource to ask and answer questions, look for negotiation partners, or share information in between live study group sessions! 

The study group includes students from around the world taking several related courses, they are: 

• Developing Your Musicianship + Final Project Study Group 

• Musicianship: Chord Charts, Diatonic Chords, and Minor Keys Study Group 

• Musicianship: Tensions, Harmonic Function, and Modal Interchange Study Group


Hey music fellows, I've been reflecting these last days on how to represent Modal scales for those who better learn with images than text — or regular musical writing. Of course, it won't replace audition and ear training, but I... (More)
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Things you'd like to cover for next week - 20th Jan 2021

Hi All

Hopefully once we are all on this group we can use it for group -wide and individual exchanges. I can tell you I'm am not Tech savvy but think this is the way to go and I'm sure... (More)

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Hey folks, For those those who are already accustomed to chords progression knowledge, here is my grain for your mill. Amongst popular chords sequences listed in the course, there is one missing. Have your ever heard about the band named... (More)
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Hello guys, we are going to try to make a rehearsal of the "We wish you a Merry Christmas" in JamKazam, so I am sharing our notes here) Anyone can join the rehearsal. I hope we will repeat our rehearsals... (More)