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The Art of Music Production Study Group
The Art of Music Production Study Group
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The study group chat includes students from around the world taking several technology and music production related courses, they are: 

• The Art of Music Production Study Group 

• The Art of Vocal Production Study Group 

• Teaching Popular Music in the Classroom Study Group 

• Pro Tools Basics Study Group 

• Music Production Capstone Study Group 

Just signed up and going through the course first part and have a newb question(s). I’m trying to do my first peer review for the active listening assignment using an iPad Pro within the Coursera App and it is not... (More)
Ashish commented a year ago
Duane House
Shaken, not stirred
HI all, It was great to see everyone in today's Art of Music Production Group. Look forward to talking with you all next week.
Darius replied a year ago

Hello All, I am in the Wednesday "Art of Music" Study group. I am hoping to see other members here as well. Let me know if you see this and we can talk next week, Thanks, Pete